Relationship coaching can be for

  •     Singles
  •     Couples
  •     Family relationships
  •     Professional relationships
  •     People who are or can be shy, or need some encouragement to talk to others
  •     Moving on from the past
  •     Regaining your identity and self-confidence

Benefits of Relationship Coaching:

  •     The boosting of self-image
  •     Understanding your partner or other people in question
  •     Letting go of any trauma-related mental blocks
  •     Letting go of trust issues
  •     Better communication skills
  •     Better relationship overall
  •     Not feeling guilty when trying to start fresh in life

Coaching Includes:

  • Mapping the challenges
  • Techniques for fluid communication
  • Identifying underlying factors and addressing them

A person can have one session of 1-hour coaching where all the issues / challenged related to the relationship are discussed and coach will give just highlights on how to solve them

While there is one more deep coaching with 6 sessions of 1 hour each where problems/miscommunications have listened properly and techniques are provided on how to overcome it

Though to some, it might feel like an extended part of life coaching but relationship coaching is quite sought after due to the benefits it gives.

Course Duration: 01:00:00 Hours

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